Welcome to DTRTV

the Independent Music Video division of Downunda Thunda Radio

Okay, we've been off air for a while and we are now going through our testing phase
this is where you come in. If you see anything that needs fixing or want to make suggestions
or just to submit your music video ... Contact Us

Over the next few weeks you will see some changes gradually taking place while we tweak the site for you.

Sections we'll be introducing are:
  • * Featured Videos (ones you like and voted for)
  • * Video Submissions (to get your music video to us)
  • * Members Section (post your own content, video, photos, gig guides etc)
  • * and more ...........

All this and more to come, absolutely FREE for you to promote your band or act!

Champagne Morning
Mark Cashin
Sarah Blasco
Pacific Blues Union